10 Cheap and Best 4 Core VPS Hosting Providers

We have curated some of the top-notch web hosting providers for 4 core VPS, outlining their web solutions, specifications, and technologies. As businesses expand, the need for quad-core VPS becomes apparent because it empowers users with multitasking and facilitates handling diverse workloads, including data analytics, application development, and more.

Furthermore, it enables the VPS to manage more requests, resulting in improved performance and the fastest response time. Advanced technologies, such as RAID-protected drives, within the multi-core VPS hosting, elevate reliability and data security to new heights.

Virtual private servers are an optimal choice for developers launching online projects and applications. The VPS is not only pocket-friendly compared to dedicated servers but also offers all the essential features to run your online business with full command — the virtual private servers bridge the gap between performance and efficiency under budget.

4 Core VPS Comparison and Expert Rating

Host Name CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Price Rating
Contabo 4 vCPU Cores 6 GB 100 GB NVMe 32 TB $5.50/mo 9.8/10
Hostinger 4 vCPU Cores 16 GB 200 GB NVMe 4 TB $10.99/mo 9.8/10
InterServer 4 Cores 8 GB 120 GB SSD 8 TB $24/mo 9.7/10
A2 Hosting 4 Cores 4 GB 150 GB SSD 3 TB $9.99/mo 9.5/10
Kamatera 4 vCPU Cores 4 GB 40 GB SSD 5 TB $27/mo 9.5/10
InMotion 4 vCPU Cores 4 GB 90 GB 3 TB $14.99/mo 9/10
NameCheap 4 Cores 6 GB 120 GB SSD 3 TB 12.88/mo 9/10
VPSDime 4 Cores 6 GB 30 GB 2 TB $7/mo 8/10
Time4VPS 4 Cores 16 GB 160 GB 32 TB $15.60/mo 8/10
HostWinds 4 Cores 8 GB 150 GB 3 TB $38.99/mo 8/10

Let’s dive into our comprehensive guide and help you find the best and cheapest 4 Core VPS hosting provider.

10 Cheap 4 Core VPS Hosting Providers

1. Contabo – Cheapest 4 Core VPS Plan

Contabo cheap 4 core vps hosting

Since its beginning, Contabo has been on a mission to hook us up with top-notch servers at pocket-friendly rates. With data centers in eight key strategic locations, these servers deliver high reliability with the lowest latency worldwide.

Contabo rolls out high-quality servers that run on world-class hardware infrastructure comprised of optimized components from Intel, HP, AMD, Dell, and Samsung. With NVMe SSD drives, this infrastructure provides enhanced performance and incredible processing speed. Additionally, the network configuration offers 32 TB outgoing and unlimited incoming traffic cruising through a network port of 1Gbit/s.

Contabo’s cloud framework is very robust, delivering enough power to each server to handle data-intensive and high-traffic websites or applications with high stability and reliability. The cloud also enables each server to increase the cores of processors and Memory to meet the increasing demands of your online project.

The best thing about Contabo’s cloud is that it offers multiple options, including Custom images, SSH keys, and cloud-init to deploy your Linux-based server instantly. Another plus point about the cloud is that it includes various options to manage your server and utilize the allocated resources. The CLI and API help you automate your server and create an ideal hosting atmosphere for your website.

The control panel includes a DNS management feature for those addicted to keeping things organized. It also enables you to buy & manage multiple domains and create private networks to run your website/application in isolation on the high-speed cloud.

Are you worried about unwanted visitors and hackers? Contabo backs up your servers with DDoS mitigation services that automatically detect and mitigate harmful traffic before messing up your server.

The snapshot feature provides extra safety for your server. You can take a snapshot before updating or installing new software. If things don’t go according to plan, you can roll back to the previous state of the server with just one click.

Contabo offers multiple cloud VPS plans to run your desired Linux-based server cheaply. The VPS that packs 4 core CPU will cost you only $ 5.50 per month. It includes 8 GB RAM, 4 processor cores, 50 GB NVMe or 200 GB SSD storage space, 1 snapshot, and unlimited incoming traffic through a network port of 1 Gbit/s.

Key Features:

  • Instant provisioning of the server.
  • Huge Memory allocation.
  • Multiple options for server deployment.
  • CLI and API for server automation.
  • DDoS protection.
  • Unlimited incoming and 32 TB outgoing traffic.
  • Private networking to run your website in isolation.
  • DNS management to keep your things organized.
  • Scalebale servers that grow with your business.
  • Snapshots feature to keep your data protected.
  • 24/7 customer support.

2. Hostinger – Best 4 Core VPS with Ultimate Scalability


Hostinger grabs the runner-up spot in the list of top 4 Core VPS providers because it is a reliable platform known for offering cheap VPS solutions with administrative-level access. It uses robust hardware and network infrastructure to ensure the developers can experience the fastest page loading speed, lowest latency, and enhanced data processing speed at pocket-friendly rates.

Each VPS includes an easy-to-use customer control panel that enables you to manage all server management tasks in one place. You can use your desired Linux distribution to deploy your server within minutes after completing the payment procedure. The control panel also helps you to keep track of your resources through a resources monitoring dashboard. The dashboard enables you to utilize the dedicated resources for better outcomes.

The control panel includes a web-based terminal that facilitates you to run shortcuts, manage data, and make necessary changes in your VPS configurations by using commands. It doesn’t require additional software for execution.

Hostinger is very keen to protect your valuable workload from hackers. For this purpose, it uses multiple layers of security protection. Firstly, their own AI firewall automatically analyzes and diverts malicious traffic without affecting the website’s performance. Secondly, Wanguard DDoS filtering is in place that keeps the harmful and unwanted traffic away from your server. Additionally, the company uses the latest IPv6 protocols to increase the security of your connection, avoiding latency, blacklisting, and networking issues.

There are two options to increase your data durability and integrity. You can use weekly backups to create backups of your data, or live snapshots feature to create snaps of your data and keep it safe for later use. The snapshot can also be used as a template to create a series of servers with the same configurations.

Hostinger’s 4 core VPS can be availed at only $10.99 monthly which includes 16 GB RAM, 200 GB NVMe SSD storage space, 4 TB bandwidth, a dedicated IP address, one snapshot, weekly backups, AI assistance, and full root access. Using the friendly control panel, you can scale up your server to a higher tier with a few clicks. Each plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee, showing the company’s confidence in its services.

Besides having a data-extensive knowledge base and 24/7 customer support, the company offers AI assistance features. The AI assistance works as your sidekick and guides you to complete all server-related tasks.

Key Feature

  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure.
  • Fastest page loading speed along with the lowest latency.
  • Linux operating systems are available for selection.
  • Dedicated VPS IPv6 address.
  • Resources monitoring dashboard.
  • Adminstrative level access.
  • NVMe SSD drives for enhanced data processing speed and security.
  • Multiple layers for data protection.
  • Weekly backups.
  • Live snapshot feature.
  • Flexible billing.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • AI assistance.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. InterServer – Best 4 Core VPS with Managed Support


Intersevrer is a renowned web hosting platform offering the most economical and reliable hosting services worldwide. Its 4 Core VPS is a little bit expensive but delivers ultimate performance and capable of handling high-traffic and data-intensive applications or websites for smooth browsing.

Each server is powered by a robust network infrastructure, a blend of 10 Gbps Ethernet connection, and various Teir-1 IP providers. It provides a fail-safe routing protocol that automatically directs the traffic to the nearest and fastest provider to ensure the fastest website loading speed and low latency.

For better collaboration, all the data of your website is stored at a particular place on the cloud. It ensures that all the member of your teams, irrespective of their location, can access and modify your data files and make the necessary changes without any difficulty. Furthermore, each server includes full root access, enabling you to access the server’s source code and modify it to get the maximum benefit from the dedicated resources. You can also install any third-party application to increase the security and performance of your server without waiting for approval from the administration.

The company includes a unique Self-healing hardware feature to ensure that your website remains online 24/7 without any downtime. The AI system automatically detects the glitch on the hardware and redirects it to another node, ensuring that your website’s performance remains unaffected.

Each server includes Webuzo, a powerful control panel with robust features for server management. It includes various popular hosting applications that are 1-click away. It helps you create professional websites even with little coding knowledge. Apart from that, BreadBasket scripts, along with Webuzu, will be enough to fulfill all of your needs. It offers tons of scripts and allows developers to deploy Java, Python, PHP, and Perl. The Breadbasket scripts enable you to deploy and manage multiple databases on cloud VPS, such as SQLite, MongoDB, MarinaDB, PostgreSQL, and many more.

For security purposes, InterServer uses multiple virtualization technologies to make your server secure and inaccessible to other users. It makes sure that only you can access your workload.

InterServer offers a 4 core VPS at $24 per month which include 8 GB Memory, 120 GB SSD storage space, 8 TB bandwidth, and full root access. It also includes a managed support feature, easing many management tasks since the team of experts will help you manage them.

Key Feature

  • Supports Linux and Windows servers.
  • Easily accessible across the globe.
  • High performance SSD storage drives.
  • Fail-safe routing protocol to ensure 99.99% uptime
  • Full root access.
  • Webuzo control panel for server management.
  • 100s of popular hosting applications through 1-click installer.
  • Self-healing hardware.
  • BreadBasket scripts for management purposes.
  • Top-notch security.
  • Remote backup feature.
  • Managed Support.

4. A2 Hosting – Affordable 4 Core VPS with Unmanaged Support and Full Access

A2Hosting Unmanaged 4 Core Virtual Private Server

A2 Hosting has been in the hosting world for the last twenty years. The company came into existence intending to provide pocket-friendly hosting services with blazing-fast speed and high reliability. Their VPS comes up with either managed or unmanaged support.

With the managed VPS, the company’s own team of experts will take over the server management tasks, giving you more time to spend on your project’s growth. The unmanaged VPS plans are a great choice if you have the technical knowledge or have an expert technical team to take over all the management tasks like installing or updating security patches, updating server infrastructure, and installing necessary softwares to keep your server up-to-date.

The company allows you to choose your preferred Linux distribution and deploy your server near the targeted audience. Each server includes full root access, allowing you to customize your server according to your project requirements and create an optimal hosting environment for your business. It helps you to get the maximum benefits from the allocated dedicated resources. The root access enables you to access the source code and increase the performance and security of your server.

To keep your workload safe, the company uses reinforced DDoS protection. It protects your server from unwanted and malicious traffic by diverting it before reaching your website.

The company manages an expert Guru support team that remains online 24/7 to assist valuable clients.

A2hosting offers various packages; a 4-core VPS is available at $9.99 per month with 4 GB RAM, 150 GB SSD storage space, 4 TB bandwidth, four cores, root access, a 1-click installer, and a 20X faster turbo option. Each virtual private server comes up with a 30-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction.

Key Feature

  • 20X faster turbo option.
  • Dedicated resources.
  • Multiple management options.
  • Administrative level access.
  • 99.99% uptime commitment.
  • Reinforced DDoS protection.
  • 100s of popular applications with a 1-click installer.
  • Flexible billing options.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 guru expert support team.

5. Kamatera – Best 4 Core Cloud VPS + $100 Free Credits

Kamatera VPS

Kamatera is a platform that not only offers hosting services but also redefines them to unlock performance excellence for your digital business. Having specialized in VPS hostings, Kamatera stands out for its reliable web hosting solutions, offering enhanced performance and high availability without digging a hole in your pockets.

Kamatera’s cloud infrastructure is known as the industry’s fastest cloud since it uses cutting-edge technologies, the latest Intel Xenon processors, and pure SSD storage drives. A robust 40 Gbit/s network empowers the cloud, ensuring lightning-fast page loading speed, enhanced performance, and processing speed with zero downtime.

The provider makes server deployment a seamless task through its user-friendly management console, even if you have less technical understanding. Choose from over 100+ OS distributions, including Linux and Windows, for instant server deployment.

The console gives you full root access, letting you modify your server to perfection and unleash the full potential from the allocated dedicated resources for maximum performance and efficiency. It enables you to install any third-party application to boost your website’s performance.

Kamatera offers multiple value-added services such as load balancers, private networks, extended daily backups, fully managed services, and firewalls. With the fully managed services option, the company’s highly trained officials will take over and control all the server management tasks, giving you ample time to

Kamatera offers highly customizable private servers at affordable prices. Their VPS, which features 4 CPU cores, is available at 28 USD monthly. It includes 4 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD storage space, 5 TB traffic, and root access. You can upscale your server upto 104 CPUs and 512 GB RAM, making it an ideal web host for rapidly growing projects.

Kamatera takes immense pride in its services and offers a 30-day free trial plan to experience its services risk-free. In case of satisfaction, you can upgrade your plan with a few clicks. The providers maintain a 24/7 expert support team that answers all your possible queries very professionally and friendly.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable instance.
  • Over 100+ OS distributions.
  • 40 Gbit/s networking speed.
  • Various VPU types to meet your demands.
  • Data centers in key locations for the lowest latency.
  • Dedicated resources.
  • Full root access.
  • Flexible billing module.
  • 99.95% guaranteed uptime.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • 24/7 friendly customer support.

6. InMotion Hosting

InMotioHosting best 4 core VPS Hosting with managed support

Inmotion Hosting is a CNET-certified web hosting provider that uses enterprise-level hardware to offer reliable and low-budget VPS with robust features. The company’s expert monitors the hardware infrastructure 24/7, ensuring high reliability and zero downtime.

The company empowers you with full root access. It gives you the freedom to choose your preferred Linux OS, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, or Alma, and deploy your server within minutes. These highly scalable servers allow you to focus on your business without worrying about the resources. You can scale up your server effortlessly and maintain maximum stability and performance. Plus, you can install your desired application for better monitoring and growth of your websites.

The provider’s own user-friendly control panel simplifies server management tasks. It includes a resources monitoring dashboard that visually displays all the dedicated resources like storage, bandwidth, memory, and load usage. It helps you develop better strategies to get maximum benefits from the resources. It gives you access to SSH key management, workload capacity adjustments, upscale your server, and other essential server management functions.

To make server management a seamless task, each VPS is backed by Ansible, an open-source platform that helps you automate your server with coding. You need basic coding skills to maintain all the server management tasks efficiently.

The provider offers a live snapshot feature to ensure data safety and durability. It allows you to create server images before making any server changes. It can help you roll back the server to the previous state in case of an unpleasant situation. You can also utilize these configurations to create a series of servers with the same configurations.

There are various packages to deploy your Linux-based server. A 4 core VPS costs only $14.99 per month with fully managed customer support and packs 4 GB Memory, 4 vCPU cores, 90 GB SSD storage space, 2 TB Bandwidth, 2 Dedicated IPs, free SSL, DDoS protection, and free website transfer.

Need help with services and pricing? You can read the knowledge base or contact the customer support team, which always remains online, to assist and resolve your queries.

Key Features:

  • Various Linux distributions for selection.
  • 24/7 hardware monitoring services.
  • Dedicated IPs.
  • Free website transfer.
  • Live snapshot feature.
  • Resources monitoring dashboard.
  • Ansible is an open-source platform for server automation.
  • Workload capacity adjustments.
  • SSH key management.
  • 24/7 customer support.

7. NameCheap

Namecheap VPS

Are you looking for VPS hosting with unique features for your business? NameCheap is the place where customization meets affordability. The cloud infrastructure lets you choose your desired data center location and operating system to deploy your server instantly.

The company gives you total control over your server through the integrated cPanel, ensuring you can manage your hosting services seamlessly. You can conveniently navigate to each server management aspect using this panel. However, if cPanel is not your favorite control panel, you can utilize the Interworx panel by paying an extra cost. No matter which panel you use, you will get complete customer support while migrating your existing websites to NameCheap’s cloud.

Are you sick of sluggish performance and need more processing speed? You are at the right place. NameCheap utilizes SSD drives that offer 20X extra processing speed and enhanced security. The hardware and network infrastructure boost your website’s overall performance, page loading time, and website speed at pocket-friendly rates. The plus point is that each drive is protected by RAID-10 arrays, which automatically clone your data on multiple devices, making it more durable and highly available.

NameCheap uses robust security protocols, ensuring you can work for your project growth stress-free. It silently mitigates malicious activities without affecting your website’s performance. The automated backups secure your cloud data, giving you complete peace of mind.

NameCheap offers a flexible payment module. You can pay on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Their 4 Core VPS costs only $12.88 monthly for 6 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD RAID-10 protected storage space, and 3TB data transfer. You can scale up your server with ease. The company’s priority is client satisfaction so that you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Key Feature

  • RAID-10 protected SSD storage space.
  • Complete root access.
  • 20X faster speed and enhanced performance.
  • Freedom to choose your favorite OS.
  • Free migration of websites.
  • Flexible hosting plans.
  • Robust security protocols.
  • Routine backups.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer support.

8. VPSDime – Cheapest 4 Core VPS for Linux Servers

VPSDime cheapest 4 core vps plans

VPSDime stands out as a top-tier hosting provider that offers budget-friendly VPS hosting enriched with robust features and extraordinary efficiency. It provides a wide range of cost-effective VPS configurations, including Linux, Premium, Windows, and storage VPS plans.

Enterprise-grade SSD drives and lightning-fast 10 Gbps network uplink empower the cloud infrastructure. It ensures seamless performance with high reliability and stability for small- to large-scale businesses. The company strictly sticks to its non-overselling policy, ensuring you experience top-notch performance.

Each server has a powerful, user-friendly control panel with multiple features, making server management easy. The VPS console enables you to track your website’s performance and adjust the resources according to project demand. It also allows you to upscale your server and handle essential server functions. Plus, you can enjoy complete root access to personalize and optimize your server for seamless performance and exceptional efficiency. It lets you install any third-party application or add-on essential for your project’s growth.

VPSDime provides various supplementary features, including nightly backups, Offloaded MySQL, remote desktop, and DNS management services. You can unlock these services by paying additional costs.

The company offers a flexible pricing module. You can pay using credit cards, Paypal, BitCoin, Apple Pay, Alipay, and UPI.

Various VPS packages are available to deploy your server, starting from $7 monthly. It offers 4 CPU cores, 6 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage space, and 2 TB traffic through a network uplink of 10 GB. With the control panel, you can instantly scale up or down your server to meet your business requirements. Each plan comes with a 72-hour money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

The company maintains a knowledgebase section to answer all the basic queries about their services. However, you can also approach the customer support team if your query is unanswered.

Key Features:

  • Massive memory allocation to power your website/application.
  • High-speed SSD drives for optimal performance.
  • VPS console access.
  • Highly customizable servers.
  • Best page loading speed through a 10Gbps network connection.
  • Complete root access.
  • A 72-hour money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction.
  • 24/7 expert customer support.

9. Time4VPS – Excellent Choice for 4 Core VPS for European Users

Time4VPS cheap vps 4 core with high ram

The last provider on the list of best and cheapest 4 core VPS is Time4VPS. It is a must-visit place for you if you are searching for a KVM-based Linux server that provides enhanced security and industry-leading uptime with exceptional reliability and availability. You can experience all the robust features at a cost-effective price.

To ensure impressive uptime and unparalleled reliability, the company uses multi-core Intel Xeon processors and RAID-protected SSD drives connected to the internet via a 4 Gbps network connection. Plus, the RAID arrays enable you to work with full peace of mind as it automatically clones your data on various drives for extra protection and durability.

Here, server deployment is like a breeze. Your Linux server will be launched within 5 minutes of purchase. You can use Init Scripts to save time while deploying multiple servers with similar characteristics. Its execution starts automatically once the OS installation is completed.

To boost your hosting experience, Time4VPS includes full root access in each hosting plan. It gives you complete command over your server. You can add, remove, or modify the modules of your kernel to enhance the server efficiency and reduce resource usage. Moreover, you can customize it to attain optimal performance and superior security.

For server security, the company places Bitninja between your server and the rest of the internet. It defends your server against malicious activities such as password cracking, spamming, SQl injections, and data theft. Moreover, daily or weekly backups also help you protect your valuable data by creating backups on the cloud.

Time4VPS is known for offering flexible hosting to meet all sizes of businesses. The concerned configuration (4 VPS Cores) will cost you only 15.66 EUR/month for 16 GB Memory, 160 GB RAID-protected SSD storage, 32 TB bandwidth, and an optional backup feature.

The company’s website provides a step-by-step guide for beginners to create their dream Linux server effortlessly. Moreover, its expert support team, also remains online 24/7 to assist its valuable customers.

Key Features

  • KVM-based Linux servers with zero downtime.
  • Customize kernel modules to enhance performance and efficiency.
  • On-demand assistance.
  • Full root access.
  • Bitninja security for protection.
  • Optional backup feature.; daily or weekly.
  • Step-to-step beginners guide.
  • 24/7 customer support.

10. HostWinds


Hostwinds uses cutting-edge technologies to offer the most reliable and versatile web hosting services for businesses of all sizes. The company provides managed and unmanaged management options to deploy your Linux based instance.

Deploying your server is like a  breeze. You have to select the preferred Linux distribution out of Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian, choose your desired data center location, and deploy. Your server will be up to date with many pre-configured popular hosting applications such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Open VPN, etc.

Each virtual private server includes a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to manage your server effortlessly.SSH and VNC console access enables you to access your server remotely and manage tasks like power control, OS installation/reinstallation, etc. It includes a full root access feature, which empowers you to optimize and modify your server to create an ideal hosting atmosphere.

Hostwinds includes a real-time monitoring system in each package. A team of company experts continuously monitors your server and submits support tickets in case of any technical failure. Furthermore, the experts provide all the necessary assistance while migrating your websites to HostWind’s cloud.

HostWinds provides an enterprise firewall to protect and secure your data from unwanted traffic. Moreover, the automated nightly backup feature also helps in protecting your precious data. It automatically generates a backup of your website and stores it on the cloud. You can access and retrieve it conveniently in case of any unpleasant situation.

Hostwinds offers flexible management options. You can choose managed or unmanaged VPS plans according to your needs. The unmanaged VPS, which includes 4 cores of CPU, costs only 38.99 USD monthly. It has 4 processor cores, 8 GB RAM, 150 storage, 3 TB data transfer, and a nightly backup feature.

Key Features:

  • Only Linux-based servers are available.
  • High-speed SSD storage drives.
  • 1 Gbps network port.
  • SSH and VNC console access.
  • Both managed and unmanaged hosting options.
  • Full root access.
  • Instant scalable servers.
  • Pre-configure popular applications such as Drupal, WordPress, etc.
  • Nightly automated backups.
  • Supplementary paid services such as Volumes, Load balancers, and Snapshots.


The multi-core servers have become pioneers of the hosting world as they help with multitasking without affecting the speed of your server.

Before writing and putting together the above-reviewed web hosts for multiple core VPS, we explored different prospects of web hosting solutions by various providers and curated this roundup of the top 4 Core VPS providers.

We also shed light on each company’s 4 Core VPS features, specifications, and pricing to help you decide which company will be suitable for you, so pick as per your needs and budget.

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